Animal And Spex

Animal + Spex is a child-friendly show for kids of all ages, even the kids-at-heart who are actually 47 or something! It features Animal (short-haired guy who's really[really really] silly), Spex (brown-haired one with the pair of glasses [clue in the name!] with the odd personality), and Boris Dunceton Walter Steve Peter Adam Terence The Phantom Flattener (all of that is his name) who, well, flattens things. We are sponsored by Killer Tree inc. and powered by Dux Valley ProDUXions. Recently, Spy Bunny ltd. and coocoo chicken +co joined to help. You can watch in the showcase, re-do your PC (soon macs) with downloads, or sit back and enjoy the jokes. Email at to tell us what you think!

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