Animal And Spex

 In this section we will talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Animal and Spex, or just doesn't fit into another page.

First we have a story called The gangster of Oz, which is a little like The wizard of Oz, except it has bad grammar and gangsters instead of a few characters. Enjoy!

Taylor was walking across the street when she got a coma and got hit by a car. Then an earthquake when shelf falls through the roof of a car and in some dark gangster druggy place. She wakes up and a dog is licking her face. She picks it up and throws it through the wall and says "Get the heck off me!" Gangster doctors come, Taylor says "Can you remove this lump? I was hit by a car and fell through an earthquake." The gangster replies "That's a lump." Taylor hears screaming. The scarecrow lands on her head, broke her neck and she was paralyzed for life. The scarecrow had to push for Taylor to the gangster of gangster land but the only thing to get there was to follow the brown gangster road. After the accident, Taylor is a bit loopy. She starts screaming out, "Doctor doctor, I look like Stephen Hawking." Then the Tinman comes with a chaingun, then shouts "Die die die!" and shoots Taylor. Then Taylor says, "I got hit by a car, went into a coma, fell down an earthquake, appeared in gangster road, got paralyzed, then the the man shot me and I am almost dead."Taylor gets stabbed and eaten by a lion and is disabled and is dead. By Robbie Yapp, Laighton John and Tyler Kendrik.

Okay that's just weird.

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