Animal And Spex

 Click on the links below to see the show. (Under maintenace) Updates soon! Bibbly-bye-byes!

Both Spex and Animal are great fans of Bionicle. So much so we do our own animations. Click on the links to see them.

Boring Vezon Final.wmv Boring Vezon Final.wmv
Size : 0.9 Kb
Type : wmv
lego universe logo animation1.wmv lego universe logo animation1.wmv
Size : 4.681 Kb
Type : wmv
random iron malum show.wmv random iron malum show.wmv
Size : 8.132 Kb
Type : wmv
Mutran small Chirox tall video.wmv Mutran small Chirox tall video.wmv
Size : 8.046 Kb
Type : wmv

Also, Spex likes to draw "The new MVM (Makuta vs. Mata Nui) adventures" comics. It is based on "MVM" by The_Eliminator. Spex has so far done 1 M.V.M animation, and 62 comics. It's been hard work getting all those comics scanned and photoshop coloured, so there may be more hidden away. See the "Comics" tab for more info. (On the animation, watch the address bar at the top)

mata nui stone_0001.wmv mata nui stone_0001.wmv
Size : 0.837 Kb
Type : wmv
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